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I accelerate
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fashion & beauty brands.

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About Me

2019 - Beauty Blogger
I started out as a beauty blogger and got the opportunity to work with brands like Nivea, Ponds and No hair.

2020 - Lashé
In 2020 I started Lashé. The business focused on selling apparel, accessories and beauty products. $25 000 in revenue in the first year.

2022 - Coaching
Having experienced all sides of the fashion & beauty space and found great success I decided to help other founders build unforgettable brands using disruptive branding & marketing strategies.

My Journey

The businesses I have started over the years allowed me to connect with people and understand their struggles in the fashion and beauty industries. Too many brands are not trying to understand what their target audience wants, and this is costing them a lot of money. People are no longer just looking for effective products in these industries, they are also looking for tribes and communities that welcome them with all their flaws.

Although I have had many accomplishments such as getting my business featured in a magazine, I have made mistakes too and a lot of them, but with each one of them, I have always bounced back stronger, smarter, and wiser. I am not angry at myself for my mistakes because they helped me become the talented, wise, and smart coach and business owner I am today.

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Why Work With Me?

A lot of businesses are struggling with finding what makes them different in this saturated market as well as communicating and connecting with their audience so that they could build a loyal community and get loyal customers. My values have always been to help people build, remarkable brands that disrupt the fashion and beauty industries. I want to help you grow your business into a brand that changes the narrative in the beauty or fashion industry by helping you understand what your customers want and showing you how to deliver.

People start businesses for different reasons, but I know hiring me as your consultant or coach will help:

  • you find your work-life balance so that you can also pursue other things that life has to offer such as traveling, spending more time with friends and family, focusing on your growth, and investing in other businesses.
  • you form foundations that will allow your business to thrive in the coming years.
  • you grow mentally because you have to grow as your business grow.
  • you come up with an epic customer journey map so that you can provide the best customer experience that retains customers and encourages loyalty.
  • you step out of your comfort zone and allow your business to grow. Remember a business that’s not growing is dying.
  • you learn how to make informed decisions that are not driven by emotions that could potentially cost you time and money.
  • you learn how to show up as your authentic self because I know that a lot of business owners struggle with this, especially in today’s age of social media.


My Mission

My mission is to help you achieve your goals in business and live your dream life. There is a reason you started your business. a reason you keep going, even when you’re not seeing the results you want, and why you never entertain the thought of giving up.

Whether you found me or I reached out to you, you are here because you believe in what you started, and what your business has to offer, and that’s the first step to ensuring that your business is successful.


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I am still in shock at this point. I didn't know that I could actually achieve these results.


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